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Idea of our 6 months to 1 year PR BRANDING campaigns.

Nick Reuben was a gentleman from New Jersey that had a dream to get a Pizza show.

eZWay Promotions told him we could help him with that dream by helping to brand him as a celebrity and build credibility for him to be able to carry his own show. This would be a pr and branding campaign that developed the name (WE GAVE HIM AND CREATED) celebrity pizza guy. After 5 months CPG became somewhat of a household name do to the 50 plus celebrities we associated him to. Got him the gig to cook for Mario Lopez and be the official caterer for a event he hosted. This gave him the ability to attach his name brand CPG to Mario Lopez which helped him book more gigs. We got him many gigs and gave him a radio show on ezway network which turned him into a radio personality. These guests turned into business opportunities. Our consulting taught him a new way of thinking and resourcing. His social media increased, we got him on many major press outlets like GETTY IMAGES and SOUL CENTRAL MAGAZINE with over 490,000 subscribers, Voice America with over 600 hosts and 30 channels to name a few. Not to mention how many interviews we got him. We told him to use a regular phrase that he always would use that is natural that turned into his nitch “FORGET ABOUT IT” intact we created the FORGET ABOUT IT SHOW.

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