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Eric Zuley - Creator of EZ Way Network

“I love that with the ezWay Family have access to their own ezWay “Automated Excellence Accelerator” System brought to you by TheBusinessGoddess, Empress divinely connecting our ezWay Network with
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From The Virtual Home Office of Carlos Ruiz Desk: The perspective of Carlos Ruiz, Digital Creator, and CRM and Funnel Hacker expert

Navigating the digital landscape for business success can be a maze of expensive tools—contact relationship management systems, funnel/website builders, follow-up systems, calendar booking systems, and automation tools—all complicated to set up and requiring a lot of faith and will power to fail forward fast, to know have something functional.


Even if you’re willing to invest in these tools and gain knowledge and experience to possess the skills to connect them, it’s still crucial to have effective follow-up campaigns, funnels, and automations.

Frustrated with profit-driven software companies that prioritize profits over user needs, I embarked on creating my online system tailored for entrepreneurs who literally work on and in their business like myself. It’s designed to be easy to set up, user-friendly, convenient, and, above all, affordable for the average online business owner.

If you’re not tech-savvy but crave the leverage and automation of a systematic business, let me introduce you to a straightforward solution. It can save you thousands and empower you with control over a real online business system that adapts to any product or program.

Enter the ezWay’s “Automated Excellence Accelerator”—the world’s first all-in-one contact relationship management and digital marketing automation system designed specifically for any conducting business as usual yet an elite professional- Listed level!

Biography Background:

Carlos Ruiz, the founder, and CEO of Working Entrepreneurs (WE). In 2013, Carlos ventured into the dynamic world of mortgages and real estate, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. Committed to excellence, he pioneered his first business-to-business venture, Working Entrepreneurs (WE), collaborating with esteemed companies and investors.

Over the years, Carlos Ruiz has navigated the complexities of growing and overseeing his esteemed clients, leading their sales and marketing endeavors
profitably, and orchestrating high-performing T.E.A.M.’s as the Master Coordinator. His true expertise lies in the art of personal connection and growth—being kneecap to kneecap, guiding and supporting business owners and their families.

Beyond business, Carlos wears the hats, or rather, the halos, of a devoted father and a man of faith, infusing purpose and integrity into every aspect of his life.

Introduction for Our Program Service Offering:

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