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Innovative Lead Capture Technology

  • Capture New Leads To Up-sell

  • Acquire Your Audiences' Attention

  • Automate Post Event Follow-up

  • Grow Your Business Exponentially

  • Use SMS To Solve Three Big Problems

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World-class Features of Our
Lead Capture Technology

Quick SMS Response System

Use the power of SMS Response System to connect, engage, and follow up with your prospects.

Anchor Your Message

Learn how to anchor your message and your brand in your clients’ mind.

Instant Downloads

Your prospects can download any digital product sent directly to their phone.

Share Your Presentation

Ever have someone ask if they can get a copy of your slide deck?
Now you can transform this into a glorious financial opportunity.

Follow up

Travel can delay your follow up efforts.
Now you can follow up with your leads
even if you are traveling.

CRM Sync

Sync with your existing CRM system no matter how simple or complicated.

Live or Virtual

Stage, Podcast or Broadcast – whatever your platform is, we can help you capture more leads.

Check-in Frequently

Follow up automatically with gifts, reminders, and timely communication.

Mobile Payments

Enroll your prospects into your mobile shopping cart and get more sales at your next presentation.

Testimonials from Industry leaders

With Text Me Leads, I realized that I not only increased my sales at the event DURING my talk, but immediately after and now many months after as well.


In my professional career, TML has been one of the biggest leverage tools to immediately connect with my audiences and transmit value added resources in real-time.

Dr. Jeffery Magee
Human Capital Developer

In my 30+ years in the field of professional and personal development I’ve seen the need for this excellent program.

David Corbin
Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Producer

Text Me Leads took my problem, giving a 45 min presentation in 5 min and turned it into over $14,000 in new business.


This is now a tool I use for all of my clients. If they aren’t using a mobile solution, they aren’t playing the game of business with a full deck.

Christopher Wick
SEO and Social Media Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Text Me Leads?

Text Me Leads (formerly Get My Talk) has been serving speakers, authors and influencers with astounding results for years.
Viewed as one of the best SMS systems when it comes to service, reliability, and most of all, expert knowledge on mobile lead generation.

Is this an annoying texting system?

Texting and SMS systems are
NOT annoying.

We will coach you with the best practices for SMS use so you can get the most out of this system without being
“that” person.

How can Text Me Leads really help me?

One of our clients had this same question but was willing to try it anyway. He felt he knew everyone in attendance and he wasn’t really selling anything to his audience.
He called later to thank us for insisting he try us out. Although he was not selling anything to his last audience and he thought he knew everyone, there was one person he didn’t know. That person was able to easily get the speakers information he shared via TML. It was from this information he made a buying decision and booked our client for a $12,000 speaking event. Needless to say we now have another raving fan of Text Me Leads.

Will this integrate with my existing CRM?

Yes it will. Whether your CRM is a google spreadsheet or a robust Infusionsoft CRM and sales funnel, TML can connect and/or sync the data you are trying to collect. The best thing is with our Done For You, concierge service you don’t have to do anything. Just leave the details to us and go do what you do best.

Can TML help me promote my book?

Yes! I’ve seen authors promote a book from stage and encourage the audience to go order or pre-order on Amazon or another site, only to watch people get frustrated because they can’t find it fast. Why drop breadcrumbs to your offer when you can set the table and serve it up HOT!
If you have a book to promote set up a call with us and let us show you how to do this right.

Do you have a "done for you" service?

We sure do! Of course we have the training videos to teach and coach you on your own. However, some of our clients have asked us to manage their accounts for them so they could focus on their core tasks.
We have created a “Done For You” service that saves you and your team hours of campaign development time.
We do all of this for a mere $20/mo!

Choose Text Me Leads Payment Plan

  • Professional
  • $29.97/month
  • Self-managed w/Video Training
  • 3 Keywords
  • 3 Webpages
  • 1000 Monthly Credits
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • Select Plan
  • Concierge
  • $49.97/month
  • Full Service Provided By Us
  • 3 Keywords
  • 3 Webpages
  • 1000 Monthly Credits
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • Select Plan
  • Celebrity
  • $99.00/month
  • Full Service Provided By Us
  • 10 Keywords
  • 10 Webpages
  • 3000 Monthly Credits
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • Select Plan

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